Krystina's Weekly Tip

Krystina's Weekly Tip

Start your day off with a warm glass of water and table spoon of apple cider vinegar “the mother”

Apple cider vinegar can come in two forms - the processed version which you can buy alongside other vinegars in the supermarket or the unfiltered version which can be found in health stores. The mother is found in the unfiltered version and contains strands of friendly bacteria and enzymes. It makes the vinegar look murky. For the complete health benefit I would always recommend using a version with "the mother”.

Benefits of apple cider vinegar

• healthy alkaline pH level
• increases insulin sensitivity
• lowers blood sugar levels
• helps you feel more full after meals
• detoxes the liver
• helps fight inflammation in the body
• eliminates candida growth
• helps with body fat loss
• kills bacteria
• helps with water retention

FSC Waterfall supplement is a carefully formulated blend of herbal supplements, including Apple Cider Vinegar, Dandelion Extract, Green Tea to help detox the body and get rid of water retention.

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