Stop waiting for the perfect moment…

Stop waiting for the perfect moment…

If there is something this corona virus has taught us, it's when life eventually gets back to normal (whenever that may be) to not sit around and wait for the perfect moment to do something. There are always going to be hurdles in life, but hopefully not as big of a hurdle as this virus has been!


With all the challenges and restrictions around at the moment, you may feel like it’s not the right time to start focusing on a health or fitness goal. But to be honest you may never feel 100% ready to get started.


You don’t need to wait for a Monday either - make the decision to get started and don’t let yourself come up with any excuses. I always advise on not setting goals that are too extreme. You want to set goals that are achievable, this will keep you motivated. It doesn't matter if they are small, doing something is better than nothing at all.


If your goal is to be able to run 5km, starting off with a 30minute run/jog/walk a couple of times a week for the 2-3 weeks is an excellent way to get started. After that you can either increase the time you are exercising for or the amount of times you exercise each week. Slowly increasing the exercise will build up your fitness levels, and you will be running an enjoyable 5km before you know it. You just have to stop waiting for the perfect moment to get started….

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