Weekly Tip: One habit per a month

Weekly Tip: One habit per a month

I'm a firm believer in starting off making as fewer changes as possible when it comes to nutrition and exercise. If you set reasonable, achievable goals you will more likely reach and stick to them.

Think about it… If you go all in and start off going to the gym 6 times a week, eating an extremely clean how will you be able to challenge yourself going forward? How much more exercise can you fit in and how much cleaner can your diet be? To continue to see results we need to make sure that we continuously challenge our bodies, others wise we will plateau. When making changes to your diet or exercise, you want them to be something you can maintain and increase long term.

For example this month you could start off by going to the gym 3 times a week for 45minutes and switching your afternoon pick me up chocolate bar to a piece of fruit. Next month you could then increase your exercise time by adding a 15minute HIIT session to the end of your workouts and switching your latte to a black coffee.

By making only one change a month you have an 80% better chance of sticking to it. You also won’t be letting yourself become overwhelmed and stressed with too much change.

Whats your one new fitness and nutrition habit you will start this month?