Weekly Tip: Veganuary

Weekly Tip: Veganuary Half way though the month of January and well most people are trying "Dry January", more people than ever are trying out Veganuary. This is when non vegans commit to trying veganism for a month. With so many shops and restaurants selling vegan options, it’s now easy than ever to take on this challenge. It’s not only going to benefit you, but it will benefit our planet too! There are many benefits of starting a vegan diet, whether it's full time commitment or something you try do once or twice a week. Vegan diets are rich in nutrients from all the extra fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds you will be eating. There is also scientific evidence that it can lower risk of heart disease, and lower blood sugar levels whilst improving kidney function. When following a vegan diet, always go for wholesome options to get the most health benefits.