1. Weekly Tip - Sleep

    Sleep is something we often don’t get enough of, but its essential to our health and wellbeing. Poor sleep can cause havoc not only on our physical health, but our mental health too. A good nights sleep is definitely something that we should prioritising.

    Easier said than done - i know….but read below to see some of the reasons why it’s so important.

    Brain function - when we don't get enough sleep our memory is impaired, we don't think as ‘quickly’ or rationally as we should. It’s also harder to learn new information when we are sleep deprived.

    Keeps our hearts healthy - when we sleep our blood pressure reduces giving our hearts and blood vessels a little rest. Studies show poor sleep can make you at greater risk for heart attacks or strokes.

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  2. Weekly TIp - 3 best ways to improve your health

    • Sleep
    • Exercise
    • Nutrition

    Sleep, exercise and nutrition go hand in hand when it comes to living a health life. All three are vital to keep our body functioning at an optimal level. Each one can effect the other both positively and negatively. When we are not sleeping well, we feel too tired to exercise and make poor nutritional choices looking for that quick energy boost. When we aren't exercising our sleep can become more restless and we are less likely to make a healthy nutritional choice. When we are eating badly our sleep is disturbed, and we feel too sluggish or don’t see the point in exercising. Focusing on Sleep, exercise and nutrition together will help you see the greatest improvement in your health and well being vs just focusing on one of them.

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  3. You are what you eat

    Being healthy on the outside comes from being healthy on the inside. Our skin, hair, nails and mental health can be a great indication on how healthy we actually are on the inside. When we are disciplined enough to follow a ‘healthy lifestyle’ it shows. Your skin glows, your hair is shinier, your nails grow faster and stronger and you mood is always going to feel lifted when you are feeling your best on the inside and out.


    The food we eat plays a crucial role in all of the above. Eating a diet rich in healthy  nutrient dense food will keep our bodies functioning optimally and it’s definitely going to make you feel much better than that greasy weekend takeaway. 


    By eating healthy and limiting the junk we are giving our bodies the best fuel possible in supporting our over all cell health and all the important bodily functions going on inside.

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  4. World Sleep Day 2020

    This ‘World Sleep Day” I thought I would share with you the importance of getting enough sleep, especially in times like these when we really need our body to be as healthy as possible. Adults need between 7-9hrs sleep each night, children more….but not many of us get this amount on a regular basis. Poor sleep can play havoc on our health and well being. Below I have listed five reasons why a good nights sleep should be high on your health priority list.

    1) Sleep is essential to our health - a good nights sleep can really do wonders for the effectiveness of our immune system T cells. T cells are a type of white blood cell, they recognise bacteria and viruses when they enter the body and activate integrins (proteins that attach to other cells) to attach to them killing the infected cell.

    2) A good night sleep will help your brain function. When we don’t get enough sleep our memory is impaired and it’s harder to take in and learn new information. I always thought ‘baby bra

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  5. Weekly Tip: Love to ourselves

    With all the social media hype on self love. I think we need to remember what we eat is also a way of showing love to ourselves. By giving our bodies the healthiest fuel, we are respecting it and nourishing it. With a healthy body comes a healthy mind.

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