1. Weekly Tip: Winter Mixture

    During these cold winter months one product i definitely recommend having stocked up at home is Beehealth Winter Mixture.

    This delicious mixture of honey powder and propolis keeps your immune system strong, allowing you to enjoy the festive season without catching that pesky winter cold.

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  2. Weekly Tip: December

    December is here and along with that come the christmas parties, mulled wine, boxes of chocolates on the desk at work and beautiful Christmas decorations. Its hard to resist with all the delicious treats around. Whilst I'm all for enjoying the festive season, I do think that people should save the over indulging for just a couple of days over Christmas. A few over indulgent meals wont throw you off track - but a whole month of it will!

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  3. Weekly Tip: Top 5 reasons you should be supplementing with Vitamin D

    Now that the days are getting shorter and the sun getting further away from the earth - it couldn't be a better time to start supplementing with Vitamin D. During the warm summer months we are able to produce Vitamin D through sun exposure making it not necessary to supplement with it. I would always recommend getting your vitamin D levels checked by your doctor once a year. This is done by doing a simple blood test.

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  4. Weekly Tip: Propolis

    As the temperatures start to drop and we wave goodbye to summer this couldn't be a better time to start supplementing with Propolis.
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