1. Your Health is an investment, not an expense.


    Living a healthy lifestyle can come at a cost, but we need to think of it more as an investment into our current and future self. We need to invest our time and money into keeping ourselves healthy starting now. Don’t wait until it’s too late to start trying to make a difference.


    Not all the investments need to be costly though. Investing in your health could be making sure you get a good night sleep each night, getting outside and going for a walk to de stress and exercise, or making healthier foo

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  2. Any exercise is better than no exercise

    We seem to get hung up on the idea that we need a good chunk of time set aside to exercise, or an intense fitness class booked in the diary. Whilst this would be ideal, it’s not always possible and we need to remind ourselves that this is ok.

    The good news is that setting aside as little as 10minutes each day can benefit out health and wellbeing. It will help reduce our stress levels, get our heart rate up and motivate us to make healthier nutritional choices.

    So remember if you feel like you don't have a good hour free to exercise, don’t let it be used it as an excuse not to exercise at all. Set a timer on your phone for 10minutes and GO!

    With the country in lockdown again there are loads of trainers offering workouts that cover a variety of different training methods on their social med

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  3. Stop waiting for the perfect moment…

    If there is something this corona virus has taught us, it's when life eventually gets back to normal (whenever that may be) to not sit around and wait for the perfect moment to do something. There are always going to be hurdles in life, but hopefully not as big of a hurdle as this virus has been!


    With all the challenges and restrictions around at the moment, you may feel like it’s not the right time to start focusing on a health or fitness goal. But to be honest you may never feel 100% ready to get started.


    You don’t need to wait for a Monday either - make the decision to get started and don’t let yourself come up with any excuses. I always advise on not setting goals that are too e

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  4. Weekly Tip - 5 Tips for keeping healthy during lockdown

    1. ‘If you buy healthy food - you will eat healthy food’ If you can’t resist the junk food - stop buying it - this is the simplest way to avoid eating it. Full your fridge with healthy options such as chopped fruit and veg which are handy snacks for the whole family.
    2. Keep hydrated - keep up that good habit of drinking 2-3 litres of water a day you worked so hard on starting. If you find it hard to remember to drink water - make sure you have a big bottle handy that you can keep sipping from.
    3. Meditate - during this time it’s easy to feel anxious. Try meditating for 5minutes before going to bed each night for a restful nights sleep. There are loads of apps available which can help you learn how to switch off and relax if you are new to mediating.
    4. Do some form of exercise each day - whether it’s a 30minute walk or following your favourite workout class on Instagram. Keeping your body moving well help not only keep you healthy - but will help you destress and incre
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  5. Weekly Tip - Exercise

    By now you are probably really missing the gym or your favourite exercise class. Spending time cooped up indoors can leave you feeling sluggish and unmotivated. But the good news is quite a few gyms/personal trainers are offering free classes or training programmes on Instagram or Youtube! There is something for everyone - and most don’t need any equipment - so no excuses not to give it a go!

    Exercising is not only important for your physical wellbeing - but also for your mental health. During these uncertain times, it’s easy to feel more stressed and anxious. Exercise can help you destress and get you focused on keeping fit and healthy.

    If you weren't following a training programme before the lockdown- now is the perfect opportunity to get started. Trying getting the whole family involved!

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  6. End of Year Blog

    Another year come and gone in the blink of an eye and what a year 2017 has been! Now is an important time to sit back and reflect on the passed year. Think about all the things you have achieved and all the people (and animals for me) that have made an impact on your life this year and the impact to you have made on theirs.

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